What Happens If You Do Not Remove The USB From The Port In Safe Mode?

The important thing to do things right: when you eject a memory in 'Safe Mode' the teams check that the device is not performing any action at that time.

You have to be very careful at this point. 

One of the biggest doubts that many have when they use a computer occurs when removing the USB from the port, is it necessary to eject it in "Safe Mode"?

Many do not do it mostly for hurry, and omission, however, could be worse than you thought, for a reason, there is the option, it is worthwhile to search according to our operating system, how to eject it in safe mode.

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What happens when you retire in "safe mode"?

When you eject a memory in "Safe Mode", the teams check that the device is not performing any action at that moment. Then empty the cache and once it is verified that there is no interaction, it tells us that we can remove the USB.

This enables us to remove it without a major problem.

What happens if you do not?

It could happen that all your information is lost, or a process in which data was being saved is interrupted and the action is not finished.

Another possibility is that your USB is unusable and can not be formatted due to the interruption of an important process.

Even, sometimes the USB driver could be blocked and not recognize other devices later.

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