What Are The Advantages Of Turning Off Your Mobile From Time To Time?

Our mobile phone is continuously running and we use it for everything. We do not turn off our phone to go to sleep and we use it to charge it at night ... But we forget to turn off the mobile phone unless it is turned off involuntarily due to lack of battery (something we do not recommend) but turn off the phone once in a while It has advantages and you should start doing it.

Just like we should rest from time to time and disconnect, your mobile phone needs it too. The phones are prepared to take days and days without the need to shut down but from time to time you should turn it off or restart it. Not every day but a couple of times a week will improve your performance.

When do we have to turn off the phone?

It is not necessary to turn off the phone every night if you do not want to. To disconnect you can use Airplane Mode or turn off notifications so they do not bother you but you do not necessarily have to turn off your phone every day. You can turn it off or restart it a couple of times a week and it will be enough to improve.

What are the advantages of turning off the mobile?

Turning off your mobile phone is useless if you focus on your health. There is no study that demonstrates that the waves on your phone are harmful to your health by having it on at night or by using it too much.

It does have advantages in terms of disconnecting you or disconnecting your phone. You can forget about notifications while you sleep ( also with Airplane Mode ) or not see the screen on if someone writes to you and so you do not bother. But, above all, you can make your mobile phone rest during that time.

If you turn off your mobile phone the main advantage is that you will rest. You can turn it off or restart it a couple of days a week and it will be enough because that way you will force the restart of all the processes that you have open. Turning off the phone will serve to turn off all the applications you have open and, for example, stop using any battery that is consuming too much because it has been blocked. It will also improve your performance and resources since you will free RAM when you turn it off and it will start working again.

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