Top 10 smallest insects in the world

10. Mymaridae Haliday, 4 mm

This species belongs to the family of parasitic wasps. Some species can parasitize aquatic insects, following them underwater, but mostly they are beetles and bugs.

9. Gonatocerus, 2.6 mm

Belongs to the Mymaridae family described above. It belongs to parasitic insects, or more precisely, to the genus of chalcidoid riders.

8. Micronecta scholtzi, 2mm

This type of water bug belongs to the rower family. The arthropod lives only in Europe. The insect makes very loud (for its class and size) sounds.

7. Nanosella fungi, 0.39 mm

This type of beetle insect belongs to the family of winged insects, a neotropical species. Until 2015, scientists believed that Nanosella fungi is the smallest beetle insect, but soon this information was refuted by entomologists.

6. Scydosella musawasensis, 0.337 mm

It is the smallest beetle insect. It is also the only beetle of the monotropic genus Scydosella.

5. Tinkerbella nana, 0.25 mm

This species belongs to the Mymaridae family (you can read about it a little higher).

4. Megaphragma mymaripenne, 0.2 mm

The insect belongs to the species of chalcidoid riders. There are almost no chromosomes in his brain, and his lifespan is only 5 days.

3. Megaphragma caribea, 0.171 mm

This insect also belongs to the species of chalcidoid riders. Distributed in Guadeloupe (in the eastern Caribbean Sea), therefore the species was named caribea.