Top 10 smallest horses in the world

The name of the horses comes from the Spanish word "pintado", which means "painted" in translation. This is not a breed, but a certain type of color.


Pinto, up to 140 cm

The growth of mini-appaloosa horses is up to 86 cm. The color can be any, but the animal must be covered with special patterns inherent in this breed.


Mini Appaloosa, up to 86 cm

Despite the name, they did not appear in the US, but in Europe .


American miniature horses, up to 86 cm

These horses appeared on the islands of the Shetland archipelago.


Miniature Shetland ponies, up to 86 cm

Miniature horses are often confused with ponies, but in fact it is a rather rare, but independent breed. It got its name from the Argentinean farmer Falabella .


Falabella, up to 80 cm

The Gessling family, who lives near the city of St. Louis, breeds mini-horses. In 2001, they had a very small foal, weighing only 3.5 kg.


Tambelina, 43 cm

The birth of this horse is also associated with the name Falabella.


Recco de Roca, 38 cm

In May 2010, baby Bella appeared . Her owner is Alison Smith. Her height at birth was 38 cm, and she weighed 4 kg.


Bella, 38 cm

In April 2010, another record-breaking foal was born, who was named Einstein . He appeared in England , in the city of Barnstead, on one of the farms.


Einstein, 36 cm

The smallest miniature horse was a stallion named Little Pumpkin , which could be translated as Little Pumpkin .


Little Pumpkin, 35.5 cm