10 smallest cat breeds

In the early 2000s, the Osbornes from Arkansas, USA , acquired a funny kitty. It was a sphinx, but with very short legs, and it looked rather miniature.

10. Bambino

Information about strange short-legged cats appeared in the 19th century. Scientists were able to study individual individuals, and it turned out that the legs, 2-3 times shorter than usual, are the result of a natural mutation.

9. Munchkin

Singapura is a small graceful cat with a clearly oriental appearance. It came from street cats living in Asia, or rather, in Singapore. Hence the name.

8. Singapore

Lembkin is translated from English as "lamb", and this word best describes this breed. Miniature cats with curly, like sheep, hair will not leave anyone indifferent.

7. Lembkin

Napoleons are small fluffy cats with kind round eyes. They were bred in the 70s of the 20th century by an American breeder.

6. Napoleon

Minskin is a miniature cat, the distinguishing features of which are short legs, silky skin and short dense hair on certain parts of the body.

5. Minskin

Another cat with curly hair in our top is skookum . Translated from the language of the Indians, its name means " strong, inflexible" .

4. Skookum

Dwelfs are one of the most unusual and exotic types of cats. The piggies again acted as the basis for breeding these animals, the American Curls became the second breed. The breed was bred in the USA and is considered experimental.

3. Dwelf

Kinkalow is a small fluffy cat with curled ears, like those of a Dwelf. Not surprising, because they come from the same breed - American Curls.

2. Kinkalow

The full name of the breed is scythian-toy-bean , and its representatives look like miniature cats with a short tail and color, like those of Siamese cats.

1. Toy bean