Top 10 smallest animals in the world

The smallest turtle in the world is Homopus signatus , which lives in the south of the African continent. It feeds mainly on flowers, less on leaves and stems.

10. Homopus signatus (turtle)

Craseonycteris thonglongyai (aka " pig " and " bumblebee ") is not only the smallest animal in the world, but also the smallest member of the mammal class.

9. Craseonycteris thonglongyai (bat)

Are you afraid of snakes? Look at this miracle - it definitely won't scare you! The smallest snake , Tetracheilostoma carlae , was discovered on the island of Barbados in 2008.

8. Tetracheilostoma carlae (snake)

The smallest mammal, Suncus etruscus (otherwise " shrew ") resembles the common shrew in appearance, but only in miniature size.

7. Suncus etruscus (shrew)

This unique tiny bird flaps its wings at 90 times per second while hovering over tropical flowers to sip nectar. It's hard to believe, but the heart of a hummingbird makes 300 to 500 beats per minute.

6. Mellisuga helenae (hummingbird)

The dwarf gecko is the world's smallest lizard , discovered in 2001. You can see it only on the small island of Beata, not far from the coast of the Dominican Republic.

5. Sphaerodactylus ariasae (Gecko)

Perhaps you can't wait to learn more about this cute seahorse? Let's start! Hippocampus denise lives in the deep sea, and is the smallest of the rest of the seahorses.

4. Hippocampus denise (seahorse)

Nature never ceases to amaze us! Brookesia minima belongs to the chameleon family and is the smallest species on the planet.

3. Brookesia minima (chameleon)

This baby looks like a fry. The fish is almost completely missing the skull, which is why it is in a vulnerable state.

2. Paedocypris progenetica (fish)

Our amazing selection is completed by Paedophryne - a frog that is smaller than a fingernail on a human finger.

1. Paedophryne (frog)