7 oldest turtles in the world

A turtle named Kiki died in 2009. The male lived up to 146 years in one of the zoos in Paris.

Kiki, 146 years old


Timothy is the heroine of the Crimean War! Members of the ship "Queen" considered her their talisman.

Timothy, 160


In 2006, Zoo Australia said goodbye to a long-lived tortoise that died at the age of 175.

Harrietta, 175 years old


This gentleman of advanced age has seen much in his life! He saw how cars and light bulbs appeared, how the Eiffel Tower was built and a skyscraper towering into the sky.

Jonathan, 184


Tui Malila is a turtle native to Madagascar, which they love to mention when creating lists of "the oldest animals on the planet.

Tui Malila, 189-192


Before returning to India, in 1767, Lord Clive was given an unusual gift by British soldiers - Advaita the tortoise .

Advaita, 150-255 years old


Samira is one of the oldest turtles. She lived 270-315 years (the exact years of her life are unknown).

Samira, 270-315 years old