Top 10 most unusual insects in the world

10. Water bug

Water bugs are not as dangerous or annoying when viewed from the side. These comrades prefer to settle in stagnant ponds and ponds. They do not like to swim out of the water - only occasionally wintering get out ashore.

9. Silkworm

On the Internet you can find many users who want to breed silkworms . They share ideas with each other and wonder if it's profitable? What caused such a desire?

8. Orchid bee

Orchid bees are known as golden bees, the insect includes about 175 species. The insect is found in the western hemisphere, as well as in tropical and subtropical regions.

7. Dietria Clymene

It has a second name - an 88-year-old butterfly, quite unusual! Lives in Central and South America. The 88-year-old received the name due to the stripes on the wings - if you look closely, you can see the number 88.

6. Molly coquette

The coquette molly is a toxic butterfly caterpillar that is widespread in the United States. It is difficult to imagine that this seemingly cute insect can greatly harm a person, and one touch is enough.

5. Hyalophores of Cecropia

Such a beautiful butterfly can be seen in the USA and Canada , where they like to fly from March to June. The color of Hyalophora Cecropia is quite diverse - it depends on where the pupa developed.

4. Frin

Phrynes are unique arachnids that inspire fear in appearance - such spiders can be used for Halloween or for horror films! If you try to find the right description - fryn is terribly beautiful.

3. Brazilian humpback

Well, of course, the thought immediately comes to mind that since the insect is called that, then, probably, hunchback is characteristic of it. Is it so?

2. Saturnia moon

This delightful insect attracts with its appearance alone, but if you learn more about it, it turns out that it is interesting in many other ways. Saturnia moon has chosen the deciduous forests of America for life, prefers to be active at night.

1. Fulgoroid

There are a huge variety of insects on the planet - some of them do not attract attention, others are so beautiful that separate articles and even blogs are devoted to them!