Top 10 most beautiful turtles in the world



There are many amazing turtles in the world, which are eagerly photographed by photographers, Kallagur is one of them.


Texas Diamond Turtle

As the name suggests, this species of turtle should be attractive enough to be considered. And there is. The Texas diamond tortoise can surprise!


Leopard Tortoise

One of the most beautiful turtles has another name - Panther. This is a fairly large species of turtles common in Africa . Males are very large - once even a specimen of 65.5 cm and weighing 43 kg was recorded!


Red Toad Turtle

Cats and dogs sometimes get bored, I want to bring in some exotic, and then the choice falls on the turtle.


Giant snake-necked turtle

The beauty of some creatures of our planet surprises and fascinates! The giant snake-necked turtle loves to settle in the lakes and rivers of Australia , there are 10 subspecies - all of them definitely deserve attention.


Spiny turtle

This turtle lives up to its name, given its appearance, but is harmless to humans. The spiny turtle could very well be the protector of some comic book superhero.


Carolina box turtle

This turtle is a terrestrial species because it avoids water. She lives in the USA, if someone helps her get into the water, she will be outraged by what is happening.


Tuberculate turtle

Outwardly, this turtle is very small, its maximum size is 23 cm. Moreover, males are even smaller. Despite the size, she was able to master 2 aquatic environments at once: salty and fresh.


Ocellated trionyx

Turtle ocular trionyx is an amazing creature! It can run faster than a person, by the way, its image can be seen even on coins. In Japan it is considered sacred.


Hamilton Turtle

This is a very beautiful turtle that you just want to photograph! You can see this in India , Pakistan, Bangladesh. Hamilton's tortoise has an elongated carapace, the plastron is quite large - it has dark spots and stripes.