Top 10 most beautiful spider species in the world

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Brazilian white-knee tarantula

The appearance of this spider, of course, is intimidating, but just look at his funny fluff!


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Mirror Spider

Little is known about this spider, except that many first learned about it from the book " Mirror Spider " by Vlada Olkhovskaya.


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Metal tree tarantula

This beautiful blue giant spider is the brightest on the planet, and exotic lovers prefer to start it.


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Spiked Spider

The spiked spider is as interesting in appearance as its name. Its appearance is impressive: there are spikes on its colored abdomen.


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Himalayan jumping spider

Climbers have met the Himalayan jumping spider even at an altitude of about 8000 meters!


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This spider is also called "ladybug". The name is due to the appearance of the spider, but only the male looks impressive.


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Nephil spinner

The nephil orb weaver is unrealistically cool - all because it is different from other types of spiders. He would definitely win the race for the title of uniqueness!


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Smiling spider

Smiling Spider - A spider that will make you smile! A spider with an interesting name lives in the Hawaiian Islands, is not harmful to humans, loves to eat midges at night.


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This spider has an interesting appearance - it has a truncated abdomen ending in a chitinous disk. In times of danger, cyclocosmia digs holes and closes its abdomen.


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Golden jumping spider

This bright, shimmering gold spider looks like candy! No wonder so many photographers try to capture such beauty.