Top 10 most beautiful cow breeds in the world



Many are thinking about acquiring this breed of cow, because it attracts interesting advertising, but there is not much information about it.


Belgian blue

Many who see the Belgian Blue for the first time for the first time think it's photoshopped to life! Outwardly, the cow looks like a jock who worked out at the gym.



Yaroslavl breed of cows was bred in Russia. Its productivity is incomparable, it is the oldest cow in Russia and in general in the world. It was brought out in the 19th century and, as the name suggests, it was obtained in the Yaroslavl province.



This cow has an interesting appearance, but in addition to a remarkable appearance, she is also incredibly hardy, which makes her a favorite among farmers.


Texas Longhorn

This cow, of course, should show off on calendars and photo wallpapers, because she looks amazing!



Chianine is one of the oldest and most beautiful breeds of cows. The name of this beauty comes from the Chiana Valley, stretching in Tuscany from Arezzo to San Casciano.


Brown Latvian

In Russia, the brown Latvian cow is popular with farmers, because it is unpretentious in maintenance, quickly gets used to harsh conditions, and has a strong immune system.



There are many amazing breeds of cows in the world, Watussi is one of them. She has long and thick horns, but the question is - why are they? Watussi is a domestic cow, bred in Africa , but found its home in America.



Zebu is a cow from Africa, but can also be found in Russia. This breed is believed to be over 300,000 years old and was first tamed by the Egyptians.



The Scottish Highland cow is the one that can be seen on various calendars and postcards. Outwardly very beautiful, like a fairy-tale character! This breed can find food for itself in any weather, does not get sick, and generally feels great.