Top 10 largest predators on Earth

The largest flying bird in the Western Hemisphere is the Andean condor . Its wingspan is from 260 to 320 cm. It also has a significant weight: males - from 11 to 15 kg, females - from 8 to 11 kg.

10. Andean condor

10 thousand years ago it was the largest and most widespread mammal. But now their numbers have dwindled significantly.

9. Leo

Now there are not so many of them left, only about 4,000 - 6,500 individuals, most of which (about 40%) are Bengal tigers . Hunting for them is now prohibited.

8. Tiger

It is also called the giant Indonesian monitor lizard or Komodo dragon . This is a species of lizard that can be found on a number of Indonesian islands.

7. Komodo dragon

It is one of the largest reptiles on earth. Males of this crocodile can grow up to 7 m in length and at the same time weigh about two tons.

6. Salted Crocodile

Once upon a time, a brown bear could be found throughout Europe, but gradually its number decreased. The largest specimens of brown bears live in southern Alaska and the Far East.

5. Brown bear

He lives in the polar regions, his body length is up to 3 m, he weighs up to 1 ton. Most polar bears are not so large.

4. Polar bear

It is also called the man-eating shark . It is found in almost all oceans of the planet, with the exception of the Arctic.

3. Great White Shark

These are the largest carnivorous dolphins. They have a black back and sides and a white throat, over each eye is also a white speck.

2. Killer whale

This is one of the largest, large toothed whales. Adult males can grow up to 20 m in length and weigh 50 tons, while females - up to 15 m, and their weight is 20 tons.

1. Sperm Whale