Top 10 largest monkey breeds in the world


Oriental hulok

Previously, this cute monkey with eternally surprised white eyebrows belonged to gibbons, but in 2005, after molecular studies, it was separated into two species: western and eastern hulok .


Japanese macaque

Japanese macaques live on the island of Yakushima and have a number of characteristic features, so they are distinguished as a separate species.



Bonobos are also called pygmy chimpanzees , in fact, they belong to the same genus and have been isolated as a separate species relatively recently.


Common Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees live in Africa , in tropical forests and wet savannahs. Their body is covered with dark brown hair, the face, fingers and soles of the feet remain hairless.


The Kalimantan Orangutan

The Kalimantan orangunang is a large ape covered with thick red-brown fur. It lives on the island of Kalimantan, the third largest in the world. Prefers tropical rainforests, but can also live among palm trees.


Bornean orangutan

The Bornean orangutan lives on the island of Borneo and spends its entire life in the branches of the local rainforests. He practically does not descend to the ground, even to a watering place.


Sumatran Orangutan

The Sumatran orangunang is the third species of one of the largest monkeys on the planet. Representatives of this species are thinner and taller than their relatives from the island of Borneo.


Mountain Gorilla

The top three are opened, of course, by representatives of the genus of gorillas - mountain gorillas .


Lowland Gorilla

This is a fairly common species of gorilla that lives in Angola, Cameroon, Congo and some other countries. Lives in mountain forests, sometimes swampy areas.


Coast gorilla

The coastal gorilla lives in equatorial Africa, settles in mangrove, mountain, and some tropical forests. This is the largest monkey in the world, the weight of the male can reach 180 kg, and the female does not exceed 100 kg.