TOP 10 best toys 

for cats

10. Lanyu Model Scolopendra Leyu

If your pet has strong nerves, you can give him such a “surprise” in the form of a centipede (just don’t fall from fright yourself!)

9. Petstages Energize - boomerang

Catnip is a popular ingredient for correcting pet behavior. In pet stores, you can find toys with this component, such as scratching posts.

8. Trixie - a mouse in a trap

As we remember, in the cartoon "Tom and Jerry" the main characters could not live without each other!

7. Lilli Pet Brush the cat

Cleaning and washing a cat is not an easy task. At the time of these procedures, a lot of nerves and time are spent.

6. Xiaomi Petoneer Pet Smart Companion Play Ball

The Xiaomi Petoneer Pet Smart Companion Play Ball toy will be appreciated not only by cats, but also by dogs.

5. Siberian cat - teaser with 3 balls

Such a toy will definitely captivate a kitten, but will it be able to interest an adult cat? It's a question, but worth checking!

4. Lilli Pet Hidden ball

Another very interesting toy from Lilli Pet. Cats love to drive balls around the apartment, only in front of you is not quite an ordinary ball

3. Petstages Play - track 3 floors

Petstages creates innovative toys for dogs and cats of all breeds, ages, and breed-specific toys.

2. GiGwi Cat Toys - a mouse with a sound chip

GiGwi toys are made from durable, safe and high quality materials.

1. Georplast Tricky

It's not easy to please a fussy cat, but we're more than confident that the Georplast Tricky toy will be able to lure even the most inactive pet.