TOP 10 best holistic cat food

10. Primordial

Treat your pet with Primordial dry food with an attractive formula and an enticing scent for cats. The food contains natural ingredients, it does not contain preservatives and flavor enhancers.

9.GO !

Composition of GO! perfectly designed, so the cats can even be envied! What is the most important thing in a cat? Of course, beautiful fur and a kind look.

8. Grandorf

We can safely say that Grandorf is good food, cats eat them with great pleasure . Surprisingly, despite the extremely attractive composition, the feed is inexpensive.

7. Summit

Summit Holistic Dry Food is made in Canada . The package bears the AAFCO mark of conformity, so the chicken and turkey flours included in the feed include only meat, and also include mineral supplements and fiber.


Some may be confused by the price of food - indeed, it is very different from budget food, but the health of your beloved pet is much more important!


If you care about the health of your pet and are looking for quality food, pay attention to ProNature holistic class. Food for the average Russian is expensive, but it is used sparingly and contains useful microelements.

4. Fresh

We, people, can eat healthy food even if it is not tasty, realizing that it will benefit our body.


Having tried different feeds, many have decided to stop at the Canadian Nutram. It is worth noting that this food is not addictive, so you can transfer the cat to another one at any time .


British cat food AATU was chosen by domestic consumers , which is why it is difficult to find where to order (all hope for new supplies!)

1. Carnilove

Food with bright packaging from the Czech Republic received a lot of enthusiastic comments and a high rating - and for good reason.