Some Useful Tricks For Your Huawei Mobile With EMUI 9

Each brand usually has its own personalization layer and Huawei mobiles and Honor mobiles have EMUI 9 as a layer, beyond Android Pie. If you have a Huawei mobile phone or have bought the Huawei P30 we will show you some of the best tricks for Huawei or Honor smartphones that work with EMUI.

If you have an Honor mobile or a Huawei mobile phone that works with EMUI, we show you some useful tricks thanks to a tutorial from the Xataka colleagues in which they teach us some tricks to improve the EMUI 9 experience on our mobile.

Always On

Always On mode is available on many Huawei mobile phones that work with an OLED screen. This allows us to see some things on the screen even if it is off and so you will not have to unlock it every time you want to look at the clock, for example, without having to spend battery turning it on.

You can activate this mode from the mobile phone settings. Go to Settings> Main screen and wallpaper> Always show on screen. This way you can always see the clock or notifications even if you turn off the smartphone screen.

One-hand screen

If you have small hands you can adapt the screen to use it with one hand. It is very easy and you can do it with just a gesture. Slide your finger from the circle button on the screen to the right or to the left and you will see that the screen will shrink to the side and you will reach everywhere with one hand.

Hide the notch

Many people do not want to have the notch on the mobile screen but most smartphones now come with the notch at the top. Many phones allow you to hide the notch and you can do it in EMUI. Go to Settings> Display> More> Notch> Notch / Hide notch. You can hide it and re-activate it whenever you want and that does not bother you if you want to give it a try again.

It will only take a few minutes to activate this and the result will be that a black bar will appear at the top that will hide the notch. Another option, if you have an OLED screen, is that you bet on specialized wallpapers to hide the notch.

Use the split screen

EMUI allows, like so many phones, that you bet on the split screen on your Huawei phone to do two things at once. When you have an open application you will only have to slide two fingers from the circle button at the bottom up. The application will go to the top half of the phone.

If you want to add another application to continue using it in parallel you just need to open the one you want and it will do it in the lower part of the mobile or you will be able to continue using it and changing applications as it suits you or you need it.

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