Smart Gmail Copywriting: How It Works and How You Can Turn It ON

Today we are going to talk about the Smart Writing function of Gmail, which until now was exclusive to Pixel devices but has already been activated in the rest of Android phones when they use Gmail. It is a tool that learns how you write and makes recommendations on how to finish the sentences you are writing.

We are going to divide the article into two parts. First, we will explain what this intelligent wording is and how it works, which is pre-activated by default in the new version of Gmail for Android. And then, in case you do not get to convince, we will explain step by step and in a simple way how you can deactivate it.

How smart writing works in Gmail

The new "Smart Drafting" feature that Gmail has implemented for all its Android users is a predictive text system. This means that when you are writing an email you will be suggesting how to continue it from the text you are writing. The idea is that if, for example, you start writing "how are you", Gmail will suggest things like "how are you" to complete the sentence.

The feature has started to activate on all devices configured in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. Gmail will use automatic learning, which means that the application will compile everything you write to learn the way you express yourself, and so you can make suggestions that really complete the phrases as you usually write them.

In terms of its operation, once you are activated the intelligent writing is all very intuitive. When you start typing, Gmail will show you light grey text suggestions by continuing the sentence you are writing. In this way, you can see how everything would look if you accept the suggestion, but in a way, that at no time will you be prevented from continuing to write for yourself.

When you are writing, you can accept the suggestion text of Gmail by sliding your finger to the right from the text you have written as if you were to select the suggested text. By doing so, the suggestions will be converted into written text and you will be able to continue writing from it.

This functionality, until now was exclusive to Gmail for Google's Pixel devices, but now it has started to activate on the rest of Android phones. If you still do not see the option, you'll have to wait for a new Gmail update to arrive and restart the application to start working.


This option is enabled by default, if it doesn't you can enable by yourself. To enable the smart wording of Gmail, the first thing you have to do is open the application and click on the Menu icon, which is the one that appears in the upper left corner of the screen. When doing so, a menu will open on the left side of the screen, where you have to click on the Settings option that appears below

Once in the settings, you have to click on the Gmail account where you want to make the changes, which is what will be shown with your email. will be shown with your email.


Once you are within the options of your account, go down to the General section. In it, you have to activate the Smart Compose option. It will be activated by default, if you want to disable this feature then you have to click on the blue box so that it remains empty as a sign that it has been deactivated.

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