Record your mobile screen at up to 120 fps maximum

Smartphones have now begun to introduce especially high refresh rates; mobile phones with 90 Hz panels have begun to arrive, for example. And this means that we can enjoy a more fluid gaming experience, at  90 fps. But how is this recorded? Fortunately, we also have options to record gameplays of mobile devices at  90 fps, and even at a maximum of  120 fps.

The hardware of our mobile devices is evolving, and with it, the applications have to do it; That is, the software. In the case of the screens, we are effectively starting to see 90 Hz panels and gradually we will reach more. So it is a bright time for video games, and in that gameplays have a lot to say. But to be able to record them, we have to use specific apps and settings that allow you to capture  90 constant fps. And we will go further to reach even  120 fps.

Configure Screen Recorder to record the screen at 90 fps or 120 fps on your mobile

Download the Screen Recorder application - at the end of this article - and, once installed on the device, open it. The first will be to choose a folder where our videos are going to be stored, and the second to grant the necessary permissions. Now we will press in the lower right corner, on the blue icon of a video camera and we will finish granting the necessary permissions, which will take us to the home screen of the device. We will see that a floating toolbar has been generated.

In it we will click on the settings icon and, among the multiple options available, we will scroll to one of the frames per second. By clicking here, on compatible devices, we will select the 90 fps option if we have a  90 Hz display, for example, or a maximum of  120 fps also on devices that have the necessary hardware. And with this, it would be enough, but we can define other settings such as audio quality per bitrate, in Kbps, as well as video resolution and bit rate.

Consider that more frames per second will mean more work for the CPU and GPU of the device. And this, of course, can affect not only the performance of the terminal, but also the temperature of its components and, above all, the battery life. Once we have defined how we are going to record, we will simply open any game or application and, in this same floating toolbar, we will press the red icon to start the corresponding video recording.

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