How to Promote Online Communication among Students?

Students can be more independent every day. Online communication gives them new tools to send information and interact with their peers.

  • The University is using new methods of online communication. Teachers begin to use virtual platforms to manage their classes.
  • Thanks to the work in the cloud, teachers can create parallel debates in the classroom, send documents to students and allow them to submit written works online.
  • Students have at their disposal a new method of learning, more adapted to their needs. They can be introduced to classroom topics, even outside of it.

Classes also have an online environment, where they can be developed, and where students can interact with each other. Teachers can create discussions thanks to this method.

Articulating a class every day is more free. Internet proposes teachers to carry out online discussions and enhance communication outside the classroom. The new applications allow creating a community interested in the topics of the classes, so that the students themselves work connected, and can pool resources.

A good Internet connection makes the difference between the traditional method of teaching and the new teaching systems. Nowadays, teachers can connect their students outside the classroom, to practice on the proposed topics and begin their investigations in an autonomous way.

The advantages of virtual platforms

The online courses are a good example of how you can transfer content, usually taught through lectures in the classroom, the Internet. The network allows students to have a freer schedule and avoid transfers to the University.

In the cases of the lectures, the teachers have also found a new option: Create debates and stimulate the interaction of students online. The virtual platforms allow the sharing of sight documentation in class, complementary material and enable forums so that students can discuss these issues.

1. A community connected through the network

The work through the cloud facilitates the work of the teachers and gives new tools to the students to understand the subjects that are being taught in the classroom. The class can form a virtual community to share documents and be up to date with all the news.

The new online devices allow students to be more independent and undertake to learn in an autonomous way, at their own pace. The Internet allows them to access content in a free and immediate way.

2. A new weapon for teachers

Teachers have a very powerful communication tool at their service. In these online platforms, students can be notified of exam dates, send complementary documentation to the subject and, also, manage the delivery of written work. These platforms have the possibility to record the work done by the students so that the teacher can correct them.

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