How To Turn On Chrome Gesture Navigation For Mobile

Let's explain how to turn on Chrome gesture navigation for mobile. This is a new feature that is hidden in the section of experimental features of Chrome, and that you can activate quite easily already on your mobile device. You do not need to have the beta version of Chrome or anything like it since it is available in the final version.

When you activate it as we will explain, you will have two gestures available for navigation. The first one is sliding from the left side frame to the right and serves to return to the previous page. The second one is the same but on the contrary, it is necessary to slide from the right frame to the left and it serves, effectively, to return to the page that you have just left.

Turn on mobile Chrome gesture navigation


The first thing you have to do is open Chrome on your mobile phone. Regardless of the page, you are on, click on the address bar to write a specific address in it, since the options to which we are going to access is entered through an internal web page of the browser itself.


In the address bar, you have to type the address chrome://flags. With it, you will access a hidden section of Chrome in which you will find experimental functions that you can activate. Gesture navigation, to this day, is just one of these experimental functions.


Once you enter the Experiments page you will see a large list with all available experiments. Search one by one that we need in it would be very tedious, so simply use the internal search to find the word History, which is with which you can find the specific function we are looking for.

Now, among the results, look for the History navigation with gesture option and activate its status to Enabled, which is the enabled mode that you have to set to activate the option. When you do Chrome will ask you to restart the browser, and you will have to click on the button Relaunch Now that you have at the bottom to do it.

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