How to Turn off notifications and sounds from a web page in Google Chrome

Surely on some occasion it has happened to you that when you access a web page through your Google Chrome browser, it starts playing a video or music making your device ring, or you have started receiving notifications from a page without being of your liking and surely that in some occasion you have thought about what way you could avoid this.

Well, today we are going to see how we can configure Google Chrome on Android to prevent a web page from showing us notifications or playing sounds, something that is often annoying since usually this multimedia content is usually related to advertising or advertisements.

The process is the following:

  1. Access with our Google Chrome to the web that we want to configure in question
  2. Click on the three vertical buttons on the top right
  3. Click on the Information icon
  4. Click on Site Settings
  5. Click on Notifications or Sound and block or not the one that interests us

The process is done as we see in the screenshot that we have left, where it is shown from the third point and where we see that we can block notifications or sound for a certain web page that is bothering us, that has many ads or that we simply want to avoid reproducing anything on our device.

Therefore, if you are interested in deactivating the notifications and sounds of a web page with the Google Chrome browser of your Android device, you know that it can not be easier and in just five steps you will have achieved it without major problem.

Of course, at any time we can revert this situation by accessing the same section and choosing not to block notifications or sounds.

Do you find it annoying that a website plays sounds without your permission? Are you going to start this trick?

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