How To Send a WhatsApp Message To Someone You Do Not Have in Your Contacts

We are going to explain to you a small but useful trick to send WhatsApp messages to people that you do not have in your mobile phone calendar contacts. In general, if you want to send someone a WhatsApp message you will have to add it to your contacts, but there is a way to send them to a person without having to do so.

Of course, at all times you will need the mobile number of the person to whom you want to send the message. Once done, there is a specific WhatsApp website that works both on your mobile and on your computer if you have WhatsApp Web installed. It's as easy as editing the address of that website to include the phone.

In the past, we also explained another more convoluted method with which you can do the same. However, this other is much simpler and uses a much shorter and easier to remember the website.

Send WhatsApp to someone you do not have contacts


What you have to do is open the browser and type the address, changing phone number by the number of the person you want to write to. The number has to be with the international code, so for example, if you write to someone from Spain, you have to add the first 34. This way, if you are going to write to the phone 6XXXXXXXX, the code to enter in the browser is

When you type the code with the number, you will appear on a WhatsApp website where you are asked if you want to send a message to the number you have written. In this window, click on the Message button that will appear in green below the number.

And that's it. If you are on your mobile WhatsApp will open allowing you to write to that number even if you do not have it in the phone book. The person to whom you send it will receive it knowing also what your telephone number is. This method allows you to initiate conversations, for example, with people who have left their number on a website without wasting time adding them to the agenda without knowing that you will erase them right away.

The method works exactly the same in the browser of your PC, with the difference that in this case if you press the button will open the application of WhatsApp for Windows or Mac that you have installed on your computer. To do this, you will have to click on the Chat button that will appear in the centre of the screen.

If the browser does not detect that you have WhatsApp installed, in a few seconds you will be redirected to a page where you can download WhatsApp on your mobile devices or on your Windows or Mac PC. Once you download the official client and log in Now you can try the trick of writing your phone in the browser again.

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