How to see who is connecting to your WiFi

Today we are going to tell you how you can check on your mobile or computer who is connecting to your WiFi. This way you can know if it is someone who does not belong to your house, and you can take stockings.

There are several programs that help you identify connected devices. From this information, you can deduce which ones are yours and which ones are not. Today, therefore, we are going to teach you how to use these programs, although you will soon see that they are extremely easy to use and that practically you will not have to do anything.

Know who connects to your WiFi from your mobile


When analyzing your network with your mobile phone, Fing is your best alternative. On its website, you will find links to Google Play and the App Store. Its biggest advantage is that it is extremely easy to use application. You just have to install it, execute it, and as soon as you open it, it will do everything for itself.

Fing will scan the network to which your mobile is connected without having to ask for it, and as soon as it does it will show you all with the names, IP addresses, manufacturers and MAC codes of the connected devices. Still, to know if there are intruders in your network all you need is the name and manufacturer of each device.

What you have to do now is identify each of the devices that are connected to know if they are yours. Remember that not only your mobiles or computers are going to come out, since your router, connected printers or your Chromecast will appear in the list. So do not go crazy if you see too many pots, surely all will be yours.

A little trick to get out of any doubt is to go unplugging and reconnecting each of your devices to see them disappear and appear in the application. If there is a device, especially if it is a mobile or PC, which you see is not yours, you may have detected the invader.

Know who connects to your WiFi from your PC


In the case that you have a Windows computer, an extremely simple application and very similar to Fing is the Wireless Network Watcher from NirSoft. The installer .exe you will find it on its official website only you will have to download a lot on its website until you find it. When you do, click on the link and install it like any other application.

When opened, the program will automatically analyze your local network and immediately list which devices are connected to it. Once again, the only thing you will have to do to know if there is an impostor is to identify each of the elements that appear on your list. And remember that there are not only computers and mobile phones, but anything that you have connected to the network.


A very similar application for macOS is LanScan. When you install and run it, you will have to press the Lan your Scan icon that appears in green at the top left, and analyze your network by listing the connected devices. For you to identify them better, it will give you several data, including the manufacturer and the name of the product if it had one.

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