How To Safely Delete Confidential Files

In our computer, we keep many files of all kinds, from videos, photos, data files, and many more. Of all the files that we have on the computer, some have a high content in privacy , many of them are saved and others are deleted , when we delete files on a computer, the file is still written on the hard disk, all we do is erase the " link " to put it in some way.

In this way with any file recovery, we can recover the deleted files, this is not a problem as long as it is our computer, but when selling our equipment, or a digital medium such as a hard drive, third parties can recover files that are personal.

Delete files confidentially in Windows

To clean our disc and delete all the files that we have previously deleted we will use free software, this software is HardWipe, it allows us to scan certain areas to permanently eliminate all types of deleted files.

To begin, we will install and execute the application, this application is divided into several sections from which we can do the following:

  • Files: In this section, we can select different folders and/or files to delete, we just have to navigate to the route and select what we want to delete and then click on the "Start" button.
  • Devices: We can select external storage devices, such as the Smartphone, microSD cards, etc.
  • Volumes: From this section, we will scan logical units, that is, partitions that we have on the hard disk.
  • Free Space: Consists in scanning the free space of the disk, but not the empty hard disk, if it is not really possible that there are data but the Operating System does not show them since to erase them you have to overwrite them.
  • Trash: It deletes the file that we have sent to the trash so that we will be able to empty it safely.
  • Pagination: Finally this section deletes the paging files and that you save a lot of sensitive data.

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