How To Prepare Your Mobile To Sell It Or Give It Away

If you are going to buy a new mobile phone or have given it to you, you can give a new life to your old smartphone. You can give your phone to any family member or deliver it to Phone House to take advantage of the Plan, for example. Whatever you do, we tell you how to prepare your mobile to sell it or give it away and what you should do before delivering it.

Whether you have an iPhone mobile phone or an Android phone, you can prepare it for delivery, sale or gift. It will only take a few minutes and you will ensure that all your data is safe and keep it with you and do not fall into the hands of others due to carelessness. We tell you what to do step by step before selling or giving away your Android or iOS mobile.

If you have an iPhone

A few days ago we told you everything you should do if you bought a new iPhone and want to prepare it. First, make a copy of your old phone to have all data safe. It will also be the first thing you should do if you are going to give away or sell your old iPhone if you want to save all your data on your new mobile. To make the backup go to Settings> Apple ID> iCloud> iCloud Backup> Back up Now. Make the backup copy and you can pass it to your new mobile phone.

Remember to unpair your wearables if you have one activated and paired. Go to the Watch application from the iPhone and click on the name of your watch. Go to Menu> General> Reset> Delete content and settings> Delete now. This way your data will not appear anymore.

You should also eliminate the possibility of finding your iPhone to unlink it. Go Settings> iCLoud> Find my iPhone> Turn off the button> Confirm by entering your Apple ID> Deactivate. You can also do it from the website if your phone does not work. Go to iCloud> Log in> Search for my iPhone> Name of your iPhone> Remove from account> Delete. This will eliminate the link between watch and phone.

Once you have done all of this, reset the factory from Settings> General> Reset> Delete all content.

If you have an Android

You can also do all this on Android before selling your phone, giving away or using the Remóvil Plan. Backup, saved data.

To make a backup in Android go to Settings> Backup and reset> Turn on the button. So you can have the copy ready and pass it to your new phone so that your data is safe. Once you have the data saved you will have to delete your account and your information.

To remove your Google account from your mobile go to Settings> Accounts> Google Account> Tap on your account> Menu> Delete account. This will disappear your email data or applications or everything you have registered as contacts, for example. But it is not enough and it is advisable that you reset the factory to leave nothing on your phone.

Go to Settings> Backup and restart> Factory data reset> Reset device> Delete all. Your mobile phone would be ready to deliver it to whoever you want without access to your personal data.

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