How To Create And Configure A VPN Network On Android

Now we are going to teach you how to create a VPN network in Android in a simple way and it will not take us more than 10 minutes.

Download the Hola application

The first thing we have to do is download the official Hola app, this is simple since we can find it in the Google Play Store. We will have to take into account that it is the original application because if we could not be downloading malware.

Hello | Google Play (Free)

With this application we can create a VPN network with our terminal, these networks will serve us to navigate the networks as if we did from a different country.

We configure Hello

From the main screen, Hello will give us access to some of the most popular applications in your service. By clicking on any of these, it will take us to the official page of the US Play Store where we can install software that is not in our country.

After having identified us, the service will ask us to identify the terminal, so this process is not very accurate and sometimes it gives errors.

Open application in Hello

Once you have installed both Hello and the application that you want to use, you will only have to activate the VPN network on Android. We will return to the main page of Hello and we will look for the application among the list "Popular Applications" or "My Applications".

The system will send us a warning, asking if we want to trust the application Hello that has been downloaded from the Internet. We indicate that we do trust the application, and everything is ready, you just have to take the popcorn and enjoy.

From where to navigate, and more options

When you use the Hello app for Android, you will be charged by default the network from the United States, but we may want to connect from another nationality, for that we will have to select the button of the flag and choose the country that we like the most.

Disable Hello and the VPN

Deactivating the Hello app for Android is tremendously easy. All you have to do is access the tab that appears in the notification area. And select Make click Disconnect to return to your usual connection.

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