How To Block Notifications While Playing Or Using Game Mode On Android

Mobile phones have become small consoles that we carry everywhere. And many manufacturers like Huawei already have their own technology to play as the Turbo GPU that we see in Huawei mobiles or Honor mobiles. Samsung also works on its gaming technology and Xiaomi has Game Turbo. But in addition to these technologies that improve the quality of the game or performance, Android phones have a Game Mode that allows us to optimize our mobile during the game. Prevent anything from distracting us.

While we play we do not want notifications that appear on the screen and distract us or cause us to lose the game when it is more interesting or more difficult. You can disable all notifications of the game with the Game Mode that is present in some phones of some manufacturers and that is very complete and allows us to cancel notifications or hassles while we play.

As explained by the companions of Movilzona, there is an application that you can have on your mobile phone and that will activate the Game Mode even if you do not have it on Android. This is the Gaming Mode application - The Ultimate Game Experience Booster and its main purpose are to have all the settings activated to play.

You can choose to have the phone automatically reject incoming calls when you play or block WhatsApp notifications so they do not interrupt your game. The application is very complete and will allow you not to die because of distractions or that do not interrupt you during the game. In addition, the developer of the application ensures that you can choose which notifications and notifications do not appear and so you will have notifications if they are of priority.

Besides being an application that prepares your phone while you play, it also does it while you watch series. For example, you can configure it if you are going to watch a movie on Netflix and do not want to be continuously notified on the screen of the mobile that makes you interrupt the series or are annoying. It will work for Netflix but also for HBO or any other application that you use as a video player.

The application is free and you can download it to your Android mobile phone to configure your phone whenever you need to configure the gaming experience.

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