Google Answers Your Spam Calls

Something that bothers us usually on our mobile phone is all those calls that we usually receive and that are intended to sell us something or are called spam. Google has a feature called Screening Call that works through Google Assistant and blocks spam calls.

Screening Call is responsible for answering spam calls for you so they do not bother you and you will not have to pick them up to answer, Google or do it for you. Screening Call was presented with the latest Google phones launched to the market but now it is reaching more Android One phones from brands such as Nokia or Motorola and will be very useful so that they do not bother you when you are busy.



When they call you and have Screen Call on your phone it will be like an answering machine and the person who calls you will talk to the Google assistant. You will not have to pick up, but Google will do it for you if it detects that it is a call to sell something or a spam call. The assistant will pick up and talk to that person while the conversation is transcribed on the phone's screen. If you want to pick up and you are interested, you can do so at any time. If not, just press the hang up button without speaking.

When a call arrives you can click on hang up, hang up or on "screen call". The Google assistant will inform the person that he is talking to a machine and ask him who he is and what he wants and if you see that you are interested, as we can see in the images, you can pick up at any time to speak with that person or operator. If you're not interested, you can hang up without having to waste your time when they tell you they want to sell you something you do not want.

For now, it is a feature that worked exclusively on mobile Google but is coming slowly to other phones and Motorola has already made official to hit the Motorola Moto One or G7. We also hope that soon arrives at Nokia Android One and will be very useful if you are tired of that call us to offer things that do not interest us.

We go as warning feature is available for all these phones and we will tell you in detail how to use it to save waste time do not want to receive calls on your mobile phone.

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