Facial recognition: Your face sounds like my mobile!

IOS and Android devices present different functionalities to allow and improve facial recognition.

  • Smartphones continue to innovate to facilitate facial recognition and the integration of smart technologies.
  • We review the progress of this technology and what it allows to do.
  • You have to know the pros and cons of this functionality and take the necessary security measures.

The facial recognition is one of the latest features that are spreading in the field of smartphones and digital devices.

As in most cases, Apple was the precursor of this functionality and one of the novelties that included and caused great acceptance among techies and followers of the brand, in the presentation of its iPhone X.

This technology brings the devices closer to the technologies of the future, with which artificial intelligence and other more sophisticated systems are used.

It also offers a better user experience, with the idea of ​​streamlining certain processes, facilitating the use of some apps or improving the security of smartphones, although in the latter it has not been as effective as previously thought.

What do you have to take into account to use facial recognition?

According to the analysis of experts in technology and advances in smartphones, facial recognition has not been as safe as it was intended and there are many problems that are occurring with the use of facial recognition to shield devices or access apps that require certain measures of security and user recognition.

In the case of several Android models, it has been the case that phones with easy recognition can be unlocked using a user's photo, which defeats any advantage of this system to make smartphones more secure and personal.

The reason for this error is that many devices have included this functionality, but do not have the necessary technology to do it effectively.

This is because for the facial recognition to be real, smartphones must have 3D reading sensors.

The limits of facial recognition employment

On the other hand, surely you remember or participated a few weeks ago in the "10 years challenge" promoted by certain social networks, in which experts suspect that this initiative is trying to test several facial recognition features focused on controlling the progression of age.

Experts indicate that the recognition tools that give so much power to the companies that store our data should be used with caution and be very clear about the terms and conditions in which we allow facial recognition to be applied.

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