6 Curiosities That Will Make You Choose Photography As A Career

In the digital age and the predominance of visual content, what prevents you from developing professionally in the world of photography?

  • The professional opportunities of photography have expanded in the digital era and with the rise of social networks.
  • There are many reasons why choose to be a photographer and lucidkit reveals a few.
  • Being a photographer involves developing various skills that encourage your creativity and artistic ability.

It is estimated that, weekly, social networks like Facebook upload and share around 220 million images, from different devices and made by professionals, amateurs and anyone who is concerned about creating and consuming visual content.

Data like these show that image and photography have more value and meaning than ever, as well as being the most consumed content on social networks and digital platforms.

In addition to its communicative power,  its technical and artistic aspects turn photography into art and medium of expression of great impact.

What reasons can motivate you to be a professional photographer?

1. "Being a photographer is not only a way to see the world but also to be in it"

It is the affirmation of photographer Manuel Navia and with which he refers to the fact that photography changes the perception of the world and all the details that are observed in the environment, from light to colours or textures.

2. The power of the image in the digital age

The image is the most consumed content and that makes social networks like Instagram are the most used and consumed, as well as being the most optimal information format before digital users.

3. The value of creativity

Anyone can take a photograph, but the value lies in originality, innovation, the way to use analog and digital tools and what is intended to communicate with it.

4. The rise of graphic communication

From web to an app, to a physical catalogue, they need images and artistic compositions that a photographer and design are capable of creating, according to previous ideas and their conceptualization through images, colors and typographies.

5. A means of expression without borders

No matter the language or culture, a photograph is capable of transmitting a message or an idea in a global way, so it is the best means to tell stories and impact society.

6. Professional variety

The photography is of the professional fields that allow certain flexibility and diversity, according to the interests and training of each photographer, so you will find them working in the journalistic, advertising, communicative or artistic field.

Study Photography

Wanting to be a professional photographer involves lots of training for it, first to improve employability in a very competitive job market and, on the other hand, as a way to access the knowledge needed to know how to look for inspiration, find references or master the technical aspects of a Photography.

There are many ways in which a photographer can be trained, from a university degree in  Fine Arts to specific training in the subject or specialization courses.

But first of all, what is relevant in photography is practice, observation and research to find your own style and means of expression.

Image credit to https://pixabay.com/

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