How to use EaseUS MobiSaver to recovery data in iOS

How to use EaseUS MobiSaver to recovery data in iOS

Backup and data recovery are two very important things to consider when it comes to laptops or any other device. There are some days, we introduced EaseUS a data recovery software compatible with Android, Mac, iOS and Windows. Today, we want to talk in detail the three lost data recovery modes on iOS offered by EaseUS MobiSaver Free Recovering data from a backup of iTunes.

Indeed, EaseUS MobiSaver is Free which will allow you to recover lost or deleted files in a quick click. To benefit, you must of course download and install the software on your computer. The three options for data recovery of EaseUS MobiSaver Free are:

• Retrieving data from an iOS device
• Retrieving data from an iTunes backup
• Retrieving data from a backup to iCloud

Retrieving data from iOS devices 



1. Launch Free EaseUS MobiSaver and three modes display, choose the recovery mode from an iOS device and click “Scan”.

2. Secondly, make a device scan to recover lost data. Indeed, EaseUS Free MobiSaver automatically conduct a scan of your iOS device in order to find files that have been deleted or that still exist. Namely, that the duration of the scan will depend on the volume of data stored on the device. Therefore, if you have saved many files, the scan will last longer. However, you can still stop it by pressing the “Stop” and try to find you by other lost data from the scan result.

3. You’ll understand after the scan, you will see all files that can be recovered from your iOS device with EaseUS MobiSaver Free. These will be classified separately on the left side, in different categories. You will also be able to search and preview the file types you want by clicking on the right category. And if you want to retrieve all, select all data and click “Recover”.Remember to select a folder in which all recovered files are saved on your computer.

Retrieving data from an iTunes backup



1. Run EaseUS MobiSaver Free on your computer that you use to sync your iOS device. Then select the data recovery mode from an iTunes backup. EaseUS MobiSaver Free show all the files from your backup created with iTunes. Select the backup you want and click “Scan”.

2. Free EaseUS MobiSaver proceed to scan the selected backup in order to recover lost data. Following the scan, you will see all the data found in distinct categories.

3. Preview and recover lost files. EaseUS MobiSaver Free gives you the ability to preview all types of recovered files, whether photos and videos, contacts or your messages. After choosing the files you want to recover, you simply click on “Collect” to export them to your computer.

Retrieving data from a backup to iCloud



1. Choose the recovery mode by backup iCloud. Enter your iCloud account and your password in the new window and login to your iCloud. Be assured qu’EaseUs attaches great importance to your personal information and at no time, they will be copied to your Apple account.

2. Scan iCloud to restore the lost data. All backups appear after you login. Simply select the backup you want to extract and click “Scan”. EaseUS MobiSaver Free will then upload the backup and remove in order to find the data you have lost.

3. Recover lost files. Note that the scan may take some time. After this, you’ll be able to preview files of your choice. Select the ones you want to recover and click “Recover” to save to your computer.

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