How To Use Android Apps On PC

How To Use Android Apps On PC

Would you like to try an Android app before putting it up on your smartphone? You’ve gotten used to using a game on your tablet and would like to enjoy the android application on your PC? Or like me, you are simply an amateur of Android applications and you want to use them on your Windows computer?

Not possible ?

And if, with the BlueStacks software, you can enjoy all your favorite Android applications on your old PC.

BlueStacks allows you to emulate an Android system on your Windows PC, it comes with 10 pre-installed applications and provides users the ability to download up to 26 free applications. It is also possible to install any application by sending it from your phone to the computer, via the Cloud Connect app.

The beta version of this emulator for Android computer already works perfectly, applications are getting into full screen smoothly, stable and controls the mouse is no problem.

How to use BlueStacks?

Download the file to the BlueStacks site (122 MB), install it and a gadget will appear on your Windows desktop. Click on the small mascot of Android and the list of apps is displayed, choose the one you want to launch and, voila!


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