Top 8 Best Android Apps for Creating Free Avatars

Top 8 Best Android Apps for Creating Free Avatars

Here we want to share you the 8 best free Android apps for creating avatars on your tablet or smartphone. These avatars can then be used as profile pictures on Facebook, Twitter, forums and other social networks, share them with your friends via email, messaging applications or simply set them as contact pictures on your phone.

Top 8 Best Android Apps for creating Free Avatars

1. WeeMee


This app includes over 270 items that can be used to create avatars on the phone many subjects already included and essentially function as scenarios for the characters. It also has a feature where avatars Gallery is pre-integrated and you can continue to edit at any time, they are saved. The avatas can be used as a contact image or set as wallpaper.

2. Androidify


As much an avatar creator as it is an interactive Android announcement, but that’s okay, because there’s just something fun about creating a version of bugdroid us mêmes.L’application allows you to select different colors, shapes, sizes and accessories that allow you to create a robot aw-inducing that friends might even swear like. Unlike other options on this list, you can even have your Android make a cute gesture and save in GIF format.

3. FaceQ


Sole purpose is to help you create your own lovable character online. The application launches you to the edit screen immediately, and the Save button is always present in the top of the screen. Tapping it creates a PNG file that you can import into any site you wish. The wardrobe options are all over the place, from clothes you wear around the house for the kind of armor battle that could protect you against a horde of dragons. FaceQ is free to use, so let your imagination run wild.

4. Avatar Maker


Avatar Maker is the best option on this list to create a representation anime inspired même.Vous you have the ability to change shape of your head, eyes, hair, accessories, etc. to a reasonable degree. You can record pictures on your Android device when finished, export them directly in Google+, or share to the public gallery for other users vérifier.Une premium version is available as in-app purchase for $ 2.50 which unlocks additional benefits, but the basic functionality is free.

5. BuddyPoke


This application allows you to create animated avatars and has many features to customize each of the avatars, there’s even a gallery to save your creations with lots of accessories, facial features and elements to use.

6. Avatar Studios Heroes Free


This application is great because you can not only create custom avatars, but these avatars can be heroes that you can create by adding costumes, capes, masks, gloves, boots, and basically all accessories that usually wears a superhero. There are also different images that can be used as background and a good amount of badges to identify your avatar.

7. Chibi Me


With this application you can create avatars with facial Anime and also easily share them with your friends. After selecting the gender of your avatar, you must just continue to add all the features and accessories to personalize it. For this, it will be different types of faces, hair, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, bubbles, hats, necklaces and many colorful backgrounds to use.

8. Smartphone Avatar


This application is as simple as they come. The avatar creation interface will appear at launch, with customization options lined up along both sides of the screen. Some features require to go pro for $ 1.39, such as saving or loading your avatar, using the PNG file format, and applying a transparent background. This will also remove ads. The avatars you create with this application, all of which look down at a smartphone in their hands, have a particularly distinctive look thanks in part to their square heads and design inspired doodle.

Lucid Kit

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