How To Setup A Local Development Environment For Angular 2

How To Setup A Local Development Environment For Angular 2

In this tutorial, we are about to see how to setup a local development environment for Angular 2.

Angular 2 uses Typescript which is super set of Javascript and also a primary language for developing of Angular applications.

You can see more information about Typescript here.

First Install Node and NPM in your System. If you didn’t know how to install Node and NPM, Follow this instruction

To setup, a development environment you need follow following steps:

  1. Install Node and NPM.
  2. Open your Command prompt (For Windows) / Terminal (For MAC).
  3. Clone QuicStart Project From Github.
  4. Move to QuickStart Folder.
  5. Install npm packages.
  6. Run npm to launch the Angular 2 application.
git clone quickstart
cd quickstart
npm install
npm start


OR You can also directly download QuickStart From Github and unzip the files to your project folder.

cd quickstart
npm install
npm start


The quickStart Folder contains sample project structure of Angular 2 Application


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