How to Protect my Phone by LockWatch

How to Protect my Phone by LockWatch

Find out if your partner or colleague is trying to unlock your phone:

Have you ever wondered if people spying on you? Without being paranoid or anything, but we all leave our phones sometimes unattended. It is easy for a friend – or enemy – take a look at your text messages. But do not worry.

Protect your Phone by Lockwatch:


Lockwatch, which is an app that takes picture of person trying to unlock your phone, keeps your phone securely by sending you an email when someone tries to unlock your phone with a wrong code. The email contains a furtive picture taken with the front camera and a map showing the location of your phone.

• Protect yourself against a lost or stolen phone by providing the police with evidence picture and location of the thief.

• Find out if your partner or work colleague try to unlock your phone when you are not around.

Level config parameter is Lockwatch in 2 seconds and you can set the number of failed attempts.

Download LockWatch for Android

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