How To Put A Password On A File / Folder?

How To Put A Password On A File / Folder?

Do you want to put a password on a file / folder to protect your sensitive information? Here is the tips which will help you protect any folder by password and encrypt your sensitive data with the level of security provided by AES-256!

Protect Your Password Records

Whatever your business, there are many on your computer sensitive information, such as bank statements or professional documents. Mac OS X lets you block access to these files by turning your image into a “disk image” which behaves as a USB key, but protected by password. On Windows, it is necessary to go through the compression application / decompression 7-zip files.

Is it really secure?

We selected a solution by allowing OS AES 256-bit encryption. This encryption algorithm is the same used by many governments and government agencies (including the NSA) to encrypt documents classified top secret.


This is also the same algorithm that encrypts data on some darknets deep web. In this variation of AES, so it is unlikely that anyone decipher what is in your file – unless mobilize very large supercomputers (and therefore very important ways).

Protect a Windows password file

  • Download and install 7-zip

Click here to download 7-zip

  • Right-click on the folder to protect and go to 7-zip> Add to archive.


  • Name your archive, choose a password strong enough, and verify that the selected encryption algorithm is AES-256
  • Click  OK


  • Delete the folder that you used to create the archive and empty your recycle bin
  • When you click on the archive, the password you chose you will be asked


Last step of the password, you can always add / remove files of your choice. Option 7-Zip also has the advantage of being compatible, regardless of the operating system. So you can transfer files to your friends or colleagues in an extremely secure. For even more security, when necessary, we advise you to choose and use a VPN best of our selection.

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