How To Make a Screenshot in iPhone

How To Make a Screenshot in iPhone

The iPhone enables rapid beautiful screenshots. These snapshots are very useful, for example to show a friend how to activate a setting, show the support of your network a potential problem on your iPhone or make a joke to a friend!

iPhone: Two physical buttons to capture the screen

To capture the screen, it’s very simple. First, locate the buttons you’ll have to hurry to the screenshot. This is the Power button and Home button.

  • Power Button is located above the screen


  • And Home button is the center button you use in order to return to the home screen.

These two buttons are used in many procedures, such as restarting your iPhone, or put it in DFU mode before the jailbreak.

  • At any time during use of the device, if you want to make a screenshot, press these Power and Home buttons simultaneously.
  • You can find your screenshot immediately in your Photos.
  • It is then easy to transfer them to your computer, for example by sending you an email as in the following image


There you go! Simple like “hello” and if you now are using this trick to make a joke to a friend?

A joke with a screenshot?

The “twist” is the fact that the iPhone application Photos lets you view the library pictures in full screen, without displaying a toolbar. Obviously, you can tell us your variant of the joke in the comments.

  • Find an excuse to take a few seconds iPhone from a friend
  • Capture your iPhone Home Screen
  • Open the screenshot in Photos and tap once to remove the toolbar
  • Press the Power button and visit his iPhone

When your friend will unlock their iPhone, it probably try in vain to launch one of the applications from the home screen and like most people, it will not have the reflex to return to the Home screen of its iPhone by pressing the Home button, believing be there already!

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