How to Increase Internet Connection Speed Android?

How to Increase Internet Connection Speed Android?

You find that your internet connection is different to the “theoretical” speed that is marked on the contract of your provider?

If you want to load a web page, or simply install an application on your mobile, and that the loading does not finish any more? It is probably necessary to optimize your internet connection.

It is possible to increasing the flow of your smartphone or tablet internet speed. Here I will give you some tricks to load the web pages faster and download files faster.

First, and most importantly, you need to optimize your data flow. Your smartphone or tablet is permanently connected with unnecessary services such as Calendar, Contacts, Gmail, Google+, Play Music, etc. You can disable this synchronization partially, temporarily or completely by going to Settings / Accounts, and then, in google, tap the account you want to change, you can uncheck the services to desynchronize to increase your bandwidth.

To surf faster, you can also opt for a faster browser. Dolphin with his Jetpack plugin should do the trick. This may be used to optimize page rendering in HTML5.


Another equally powerful solution, application Speed Master Internet.

Internet Speed Master can boost your internet connection. The application loads change the web configuration of your Android device to increase the internet connection speed of your smartphone.


It works just as well on rooted mobiles as on devices that do not have these rights, on the other hand you will have only one option available: improve internet Connection. The application modifies your TCP / IP configuration in depth to unblock it.

After performing the operation, reboot your device. If you experience a problem, uninstall the application and restart again your device.

In summary: to boost the Internet connection of a smartphone or tablet , disable synchronization of applications and install the Dolphin browser and Speed Master web application.

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