How To Find Someones Ip Address

How To Find Someones Ip Address

The first step used by a hacker is the collection of information about the target such as its IP address, Its version of the browser, etc.

These are deployed to detect the faults of a machine on a network in order to take control of it.

In this post, I will talk about how to find a person’s IP address and other information with a technique called Email Tracking is a quick and simple technique.

It involves using web services possible once the mail sent is read, to send an email to the sender with more information like:

  • The destination IP
  • The browser
  •  The service provider
  • The mail opening hours

These services can be used within the framework of a company that wants to know if the recipients read the emails sent and if so, for how long. In addition, this is the main purpose of these services, but not for hackers!

In fact there are several services that allow this type of operation like SpyPig, didtheyreadit and ReadNotify.

In my case, I’ll do a test with

I’m not going into details, but after you register on as shown in the image below:


Simply send your emails as usual by simply adding “” to the end of the recipient’s address.

For example, to follow an email sent to “”, send it to “”

Of course the recipient will not have his email address as such.

Once the email is sent, it will go through the mail server that will add to your email a number of codes that will be activated each time you open the email by the recipient.

Once the recipient will read your message, a full report will be sent to your email address. You will get information like where the PC is located, the browser used, the IP address of the person and many others.


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