How To Find The Best Plugins And Themes In Themeforest For WordPress

How To Find The Best Plugins And Themes In Themeforest For WordPress

Looking for a new WordPress theme or plugin for your site?

By doing your research online, you have inevitably come across selections of free or paid themes. Among them, the site ThemeForest is regularly highlighted.

How well to use it to find the theme of your dreams among thousands of files available, and especially without you having?

What is ThemeForest? is an English market place dedicated to buying and selling HTML templates, but also WordPress, Joomla or Drupal themes, and many more.

More than 5,300 WordPress themes are available on the site.

ThemeForest is part of Envato Market, which has developed several marketplaces to buy or sell plugins, scripts, graphics, audio or video files, which includes:

  • ThemeForest
  • CodeCanyon
  • VideoHive
  • AudioJungle
  • GraphicRiver
  • PhotoDune
  • 3DOcean
  • AudioJungle
  • ActiveDen

As a WordPress user, you will surely have to buy new themes or plugins and therefore to visit ThemeForest for wordpress themes or CodeCanyon for wordpress plugins:

ThemeForest, like all Envato resources, is aimed at webmasters who want to get a turnkey theme without having to “put their hands in the sludge”.

For all that, if you are a beginner or do not have the budget and technical skills to evolve your own WordPress theme, you will be comfortable with this solution. If this is not the case and you want to explore other tracks, there are alternatives. These include:

  • Frameworks such as Genesis of StudioPress, Thesis, PageLines or Headway.
  • The collections of the same society themes, the image of Elegant Themes.
  • Happy builder solutions such as Thrive Themes

In terms of plugins available from CodeCanyon, the question arises otherwise. Some are excellent and really affordable, allowing you a few clicks to add interesting functionality to your WordPress installation.

Prepare a “checklist” before starting your research

Exploring ThemeForest without having listed what you expect from your future theme amounts to shopping without a list after 24 hours of dieting: you may crack for anything.

Do not stop at an idea of ​​design or colors; It is better to create a list of features and use them as a criterion for selecting or eliminating themes:

  • Slider?
  • Accounting WooCommerce  ?
  • Designed for AdSense?
  • Do you really need custom post type?

In choosing a plugin, the approach is different, because you get a priori with a clear idea of ​​its use.

Use Evernote files

Even being prepared, you will be tempted by several themes or plugins. Rather than scattering, file them in one or more Evernote files.

With a click from your browser, you can put aside the themes and plugins that you like and come back later what you concentrate on your purchase of the moment.

Choose a license for your project

Do you manage a website or more? Are you acquiring a WordPress theme for a customer? Are you going to develop a website where access to content is free?

Depending on your needs, make sure you buy the correct license: “regular” or “extended”.

Familiarize yourself with the options

ThemeForest and CodeCanyon allow you to search for themes and plugins by keywords, tags, but also by filtering by average rating, number of sales or date of publication.

You can start searching for your topic by exploring the different categories offered, then using the tags that seem most match your first shots heart, “clean”, “portfolio”, “Minimum”, “readability”, etc.

If you do not find what you are looking for your first visit, nothing prevents you to subscribe to notifications in a category where new themes or plugins out, you will receive an email.

Points to keep in mind when choosing your WordPress theme

There is no comprehensive list for choosing the best WordPress theme for your project, but you can still control your search by following some basic tips.

What is the history of the author?

ThemeForest allows you to browse the portfolio of the author of a theme. This is useful on several points:

  • You can find more ideas in the same vein.
  • You can view the notes of each WordPress theme, which allows you to get a better idea of ​​the reputation of the author.
  • You see if it is new or already installed (nobody wants to see its theme become obsolete in less than 6 months).

Take the time to go further than the note by reviewing the reviews to see if the customer support is satisfactory. When this is not the case and see what people say so!

Do not hesitate to ask a question before buying. You will see to what extent the team is attentive.

Finally, if the author is indicated as “Elite Author”, it is because he has reached a large number of sales.

If the comments remain very positive despite the volume of themes sold, this puts you on the right track.

Explore what users say they purchased the theme

When a theme author announces that his or her creation is “SEO friendly,” fast and responsive, consider checking that what it says is true.

Use different devices to visualize the demonstration and carefully decipher the buyers’ comments, in particular on the following points:

  • Speed
  • H1 tags
  • Ease of use
  • Problems on iPad or iPhone …

Look for example the following comments on a very aesthetic theme, but little fluid in everyday life:

Some themes highlight blogs and sites that use them: take the time to visit them, or even test their speed of loading!

Do not be tempted by the “Christmas trees” themes

You surely know the expression “all that glitters is not gold”.

On ThemeForest, in this case, it is a particularly valuable advice! To ensure that you choose your WordPress theme, avoid being seduced by a multitude of features and effects you did not need before coming to the site.

Slider, shortcodes in all directions, video background in fullscreen, widgets aplenty … If you had not listed these features by thinking about your needs, do not give in to their attractiveness. You will end up with a heavy theme to handle and overload.

Check compatibility with your theme plugins

If you already have a WordPress website and essential plugins, make sure that they do not pose a problem with the theme you want to acquire.

This is particularly in the case of WooCommerce or WPML. Most authors display the compatibility of their themes with the latter; If not indicated, browse through the comments or ask the question before proceeding with the purchase.

Attention to the “portability” of the WordPress theme on which you have a favorite

If you have already mounted multiple WordPress websites or changed themes, you are only too familiar with the situation that follows.

You have chosen a great theme design that you put in your eyes. The WordPress theme is based on a “builder”, that is to say, a solution of “drag and drop” to build the pages, or on shortcodes and so-called “custom post types’ to knowledge of the types of specific pages.

The problem is that in the vast majority of cases on ThemeForest, this type of theme is a trap when you want to change it: all your pages built with shortcodes or “house” structures are broken and you have to do everything again by hand.

To avoid this type of situation, make sure that the WordPress theme you will acquire uses third-party plugins and reputable for:

  • the builder.
  • Shortcodes (if you want really in use).
  • The custom post type.

The best is to choose a flexible and lightweight theme and add the necessary plugins or features. Thus, in case of change of theme, you will find yourself not trapped.

Not to have you on ThemeForest, pay attention to offers of “bundles”

Envato regularly offers very attractive promotional offers.

This is usually a set of themes, HTML templates, plugins and visuals together as a “bundle” at a knockdown price, that is to say a package including selected files on the various marketplaces of Envato.

If buying $ 1,000 of files for $ 30 tempts you, it’s normal. Nevertheless, this can cause real problems later on.

For example, when a bundle includes one or more WordPress themes, you can easily install and configure the theme of your choice but often without having access to customer support and future updates.

This has several impacts:

  • Themes need to be updated to incorporate the new features, but also the developments to ensure their security (possible loopholes, etc.).
  • Have a question or a problem with a theme? For obvious economic reasons, you will not have access to customer support theme of the author. Suffice to say that in case of concern, you are condemned to buy a new license, complete this time.

Not to make you have so carefully read the “fine print” of the contract when you want to buy a bundle.

This is less problematic for plugins ( CodeCanyon ) or audio and video files or graphics, but do not rush.

Let’s be clear: this is not a scam, but think about this type of limit before buying a “bundle” promotion and finding yourself without a proper license.

In conclusion

ThemeForest makes it easy for you to buy and install themes and plugins when you have no other options than turning to turnkey solutions.

The best is to make your own idea by making small purchases at first, such as a plugin for under $ 20.

Do you already use ThemeForest or have you opted for another solution? Share your opinion on this market place by leaving a comment below!

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