Download free Facetime for PC (Windows XP / 7/8/10)

Download free Facetime for PC (Windows XP / 7/8/10)

Download free Facetime for PC


FaceTime is an application available on Android and iOS that can be used for live conversations. Note before we continue, you have the ability to run this application on a PC using an emulator called Bluestacks. In fact, BlueStacks is capable of emulating any Android or iOS application on a PC.



Developed by Apple, this app gives you the opportunity to talk with your loved ones no matter where they live. This is a video conferencing tool that gives you the opportunity to communicate with the world in real time. FaceTime works on any PC and it gives you the ability to call your contacts on their mobile regardless of brand and vice versa. However, to use it you must have a 3G Internet connection, 4G, Wifi.

Facetime is easy to use with an ergonomic interface and advanced where you have all the features needed to call, receive video calls. To start a chat, you simply select one of your contacts and click “Facetime” to start the discussion. Therefore, you will have access to the application, no need to navigate between tabs. A few clicks to launch.

However, your computer or mobile caller must be equipped with a camera. So you can free share your photos, videos anytime. So you allow your friends to see you, to comment on your photos or videos regardless of where the country they live. Note that FaceTime is a powerful software.



With FaceTime you can check out what your friends or loved ones in real time, you can laugh about a topic, you will discover that surround them through video. In addition, you have a nice interface and modern graphics.

How to install on a PC Facetime

It’s simple, because you just download and install Bluestacks . After installing it you can access the integrated search engine to search, download and install Facetime.


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