How to Create Word Documents in Online

How to Create Word Documents in Online

You an create your documents online for free with the help of  “Google Docs & Spreadsheets” application and also share them with the people you choose and publish them on the internet.


“Google Docs & Spreadsheets” is a free online application that contains word processing, presentation, spreadsheets which helps you to keep your documents up to date. The people you choose can also make changes from their own computer.

Open an account and start creating

After creating free account on “Google Docs & spreadsheets” (email and password), create classic documents and spreadsheets. You can perform all the basic tasks (list chips, fonts, tables, images, formulas …) with ease through the toolbar. you can also import the files that you created on other programs while keeping the layout and formulas .

Share your documents online

If you want some other people have access to those files? Simply enter the email address of these people. As soon as connected, they can access your document or spreadsheet and start reading or modify them. You both can also work together in real time. A chat window now shows you exactly what was changed, by whom and when.

Easily store your data

Sort your documents is child’s play since just drag them into folders. You can access them from any other computer with an Internet connection. You just need to log in to open your account. You can also save the files to doc, xls, csv, ods, odt, pdf, rtf or html.

Post them online or on your blog

Through this application, you can publish your documents and spreadsheets on the web pages or on your blog. Also check access and cancel their publication at any time.

Find all the useful information and create your account on the website by clicking here

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