How to Copy and Transfer Large Files Quickly

How to Copy and Transfer Large Files Quickly

Do you have a large file to copy and do not want to waste time unnecessarily? You already know that the native Windows tool is not the best solution.

Here I’ll show you a tool for copying large files quickly and easily.

I present Teracopy to you. Compatible with any type of file regardless of its size. Teracopy is equipped with a system of optimization which allows to accelerate transfers in a significant way.

Teracopy Windows setting to allow it to accelerate the speed of copy files such as videos and music on your ordinateur.De more, if detected copy error, TeraCopy will start the process several times, and go directly to another file if the document is actually corrupt.

How quickly copy large files with Teracopy?

1) Start by downloading the tool . Then in TeraCopy, drag the files you want to copy in Windows Explorer and drop on ” Drop files here“. Click “select the target folder.”  The regularly used directories will be listed or you can click ”  Browse “.


2) If you are asked to repeat the same process when your files are overwritten click “Always ask” to set an automatic option. Choosing “Replace oldest” for example will always overwrite an older file by newer.

3) You can tell the program what to do after the copy is complete. For example, if the files are very large then you can choose “Turn off the computer after the transfer is complete”.

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  1. vikas khandola
    February 25, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    use robocopy

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