How to Convert a Web Page to PDF Without Installing Anything

How to Convert a Web Page to PDF Without Installing Anything

You need to convert a web page to PDF but you do not have adequate software on the computer you are using? With these two techniques, you will no longer need to install or download anything to transform a web page into PDF format.

Please note that the Google Chrome browser allows you to convert Web pages to PDF. That can be viewed offline or on mobile devices often equipped with a good PDF reader.

  • In your web browser, go to the address of the page you wish to convert
  • Click the [Ctrl] + [p]
  • A window appears as follows:


  • Click “change” and choose “Save as PDF”
  • You can change the number of page you want to convert
  • Finally, click Save and save the generated PDF file on the desktop.

Second method:

  1. From any Web browser, view the page to convert.
  2. Copy the URL of the page you want to convert ([Ctrl] + [C])
  3. Go to the site HTML2PDF by clicking here .
  4. Place the cursor on the Address field and paste the URL copied above ([Ctrl] + [V])
  5. Click on the CONVERT button
  6. Click on Download PDF.


7. Save the PDF file thus generated on the desktop, and double-click it to view it in Adobe Reader.

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