How to convert Flash (SWF) to HTML5.

How to convert Flash (SWF) to HTML5.

Whether you like it or not, Flash technology still exists and no burial date is expected by Adobe. Used wisely, it is always possible to have eyes full of entertainment. However, a difficulty is emerging: several platforms do not support the installation of the Flash plug-in. So we could make these animations  HTML5 friendly? This is what we propose with Google Swiffy!

This tool is designed to convert Flash content (SWF) into HTML5 code/games, which allows it to work on media that, basically, do not support Flash such as mobile and tablets (Android, iOS). Theoretically, this should work on all platforms through standards.

Real-world test

Let’s try a relatively classic file.

  • Loop animation
  • On the flyover, the animation reacts
  • Also click
  • There are different effects (opacity, motion blur ..)
  • Weight: 33.3 KB
  • Not free of rights


A Flash animation of the simplest, you will agree

Choice of Conversion Method

The extension for Flash

Swiffy offers an extension to download.

  1. Steering the download page: Swiffy Extension for Flash Professional
  2. Install the extension using  Adobe Extension Manager
  3. The extension can be used directly in Flash

Upload an SWF file to the site

  1. Go to the extension site: Google Swiffy
  2. Upload your SWF file (1 MB maximum) if you have the necessary permissions
  3. A preview before/after you is directly offered

Test result

After using the second method here is what we get:

On one side we have the original animation in Flash format on the other the result of the conversion. It must be said that it works rather well. Simply retrieve the generated HTML page by right-clicking “Save Link Target As …”.



  • Quality is substantially the same
  • Effects are met
  • Mouse events are preserved
  • It works anywhere, even on mobile
    (here on an iPhone 3GS with iOS6 and Samsung Wave Bada 2.0 in)


  • It’s a little less fluid
  • … And especially the weight! You must first load a JavaScript file ( runtime.js) that contains basic instructions Swiffy framework which alone weighs  250 KB. The code of the animation itself (except framework) goes up to 50 KB (check the source code of the demo), which makes us a total of 300 KB.


Google Swiffy ” works well! Even very good for our entertainment. Unfortunately, the 250 KB of basic script plus 50 KB  animation are deterrents face  33 KB SWF (Flash). Using this tool to simply replace a small Flash movie is not the right solution, especially on mobile when the bandwidth is limited. Maybe with more significant animations, and without any real alternative, is the game worth the candle?

We still lack effective and pleasant to use tools for generating animations in the style of the Flash environment, which is very convenient, without having to write complex code line to set animation settings and import multiple resources. Adobe has launched Edge Animate that closely resembles the Flash IDE but the resulting files are equally heavy to operate. The Canvas and SVG techniques still have some progress to make in the generation of the necessary code and the support by the browsers, especially as regards animated SVG.


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