How To Clone Your Entire Hard Drive!

How To Clone Your Entire Hard Drive!

If there is one thing that is even more scary than a girlfriend who is digging into your history, it is the loss of all your data. Of course, you are careful and you save your files regularly, but why waste time to reinstall a system in case of crash?

With XXClone, you can squarely “clone” your entire hard drive.

To save time, XXClone proposes to make a complete copy of your hard disk with the system files and those of Windows.

The program can then make this Bootable backup partition and assign it the same identification fingerprint as your original partition.

In case of problems, you will need to connect your new disk (if your backup resides on an external hard drive, it will boot in USB) or boot to the new partition from the BIOS.

How to use XXClone to clone your hard drive?

  • After download and install XXClone , launch the program. Select the volume to save in ” Source Volume  ” then the disk or backup will be stored in your Target Volume. In the Operation Mode tab, choose the first option.


  • Before clicking on Start to start cloning, please note that all data on the backup partition (Target) will be erased. It will take a blank hard disk or partition that you have created.
  • Once your backup is done, you can add options in Cool Tools. From here, you will be able to create a backup point of your current system in order to recover a stable configuration in the event of a problem with XXClone.


Duplicate Volume ID allows you to copy the identification or fingerprint of the hard disk to be cloned to the hard disk that will contain the backup. This is a mandatory step if you want to boot directly to your hard drive or backup partition. Before that, Add Test Boot lets you know if the disk or partition is bootable

Finally Make bootable is the option to enable so that your backup can replace your system when Windows starts. Click on this option, check the three boxes and press Start.

Congratulations ! You now have a clone of your system with all your data under the elbow in case of a blow!

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