Choosing the Correct Theme for Your Blog

Choosing the Correct Theme for Your Blog

One of the main obstacles to find new applicants bloggers is choosing a theme.

Whether you do not know what to write, are too many choices and not decided, believe they are not good to post about a certain topic or any other type of doubt or uncertainty, it is a fact that this election may be an impediment or difficulty creating a blog.

Today more than ever we are able to create a blog and share information on any subject we like or interests.

But how to choose among many options? Many times it seems so many options out there, it is impossible to choose just one.

Guide to Choosing the correct theme of your blog

The aim of this article is that you can learn to choose the perfect theme for your blog without tardarte so long and know that you made the right decision. Something that happens a lot is that we started a blog and halfway we realize that it was not the proper subject or not working for growth and readers.

To avoid wasting months of time and effort, follow these tips for choosing the right theme of your blog.

3 Mega-Niches


Within Internet and offline world exist three niches ranging between 80% and 90% of the needs of the human beings .

If there is competition, but there also are themed sales and much more tested than others involving greater risk.

These are:

  • Finance and money
  • Health and fitness
  • Relations

These terms are very general and subjective. Usually within each of these three mega niches we can find different subnichos in which we can focus our blog.

For example, within the niche finance and money we can find the following sub-themes:

  • How to Start a Business
  • Get out of debt
  • How to make money online
  • How to invest successfully

These and many others. The same applies to Health and Fitness, where we can find the popular niche lose weight and also the prevention of disease or how to have more muscle mass.

The most important thing here is that you define clearly what the niche or topic to which you are going to focus on .

Unless you are going to have a plan to create a “mega-blog” with many editors and content every day, it is best to be as specific and focus on a single issue or need.

Special or hobbies Niches


Besides the three mega niches that we have seen, there are other issues that can give very good results and that have nothing to do with these essential needs and so important to humans.

I mean issues such as:

  • Video game
  • Other games (cards, for example)
  • Hobbies different type
  • Learning to play musical instruments
  • learn crafts
  • Others more!

This type of mini niches usually has a very fanatical and passionate audience, which certainly can be part of a good monetization process that you implement in your blog.

If you are a fan or specialist from any of these niches (or any other) where you see potential to create a business audience and do not hesitate to choose it.

Should I necessarily feel passionate about the subject of my blog?

One of the suggestions we can again find when choosing a theme or niche for our blog is to simply choose a topic that excites us.

The typical “do what you love and the money will come” when choosing a profession can also be compared when a blog is chosen. Many bloggers and experts recommend.

Of course it is important that the issue is to our liking and interest, but in my opinion based solely on passion or taste can be a big mistake, especially if one of the main objectives is to make money with blog.

A blog without readers is as well not exist. That’s why we need above all ensure that our theme has possibility to create an audience, and potential subscriber list to sell or monetize.

Not because I’m passionate about a topic or really like to say that there is enough market to create a successful blog in terms of traffic and profits.

This is CRUCIAL.

To ensure there is a market and people interested in the subject that they can become readers, subscribers and customers, I recommend:

Conduct a preliminary investigation

Login to and begins to search terms and keywords relaciondas the topic you are interested to your new blog. Reviews the most relevant results, search forums, comments on blogs and all kinds of information and places where users interact and share interesting information.

Respond to the questions:

  • Are there other blogs about it with traffic and readers?
  • Are there others selling products in the niche?
  • How many searches per month are the main keywords you searched for? (You can use different tools to know this, as Google Keyword Planner)
  • What kind of feedback and interaction with users?

In addition to answering these questions, write down all kinds of interesting information you find and can be useful.

Find competition is a good sign because it means that if there is a market for the subject or niche you want to choose.

Key Question: Are there people actively seeking solutions to the problem or need?

While not mandatory, it is very helpful and have a great advantage if the people in your market are already actively looking for a solution to their problem, need or desire.

In these markets there is much more urgency and therefore more options to buy your product or service. No need to do a lot of cajoling.

For example: In the niche of weight loss, there is usually a lot of urgency to solve this problem, especially in extreme cases and involving potential medical and illnesses such as diabetes or hypertension problems.

If people in the market are not proactively looking for solutions, you still can be a good topic, but should be considered to be a bit more complicated monetize and sell.

In summary: Find a balance between your passions / interests and market potential in terms of Web traffic and monetization.

Nobody likes to write and create content on a topic or niche that does not like or passion.However, passion is not the only thing to consider.

Extra Tips to choose the theme of your blog

I present below some good tips and strategies to choose the best possible topic for your blog:




Turn off your computer and your cell phone to avoid distractions. Then with a notebook and pen, write down a list of topics that you like and where you could focus your blog.

You can first list the more general themes and then go adding subtopics aside. So your list will be more organized.

Write whatever comes to your mind and see each term and ordering section you are.

Upon completion of the exercise you will have a very good list of possible topics for your blog, now it will be only doing research to find out which of them can be more profitable and more potential.

Search active communities

By this I mean forums, groups on Facebook or Linkedin, discussions or any other web site where there is interaction between users.

This is where you can tell what their main problems, needs or desires. Based on this you can create a strategy and whether it really is feasible to create a blog on the subject.

Evaluates competition


Check other blogs that are already active. Evaluates its content, design, unique offer and everything they offer.

What can offer you different from them? What can you improve?

Competition can be a great source of inspiration and ideas.

You do not have to be an expert

If you are interested or very passionate about a topic, but do not have much knowledge or are not an expert, do not worry!

No need to be a guru or having studied years a topic to create a blog about it.

A big advantage is that you can learn about any area or interest you have and while sharing in your blog everything you learn. This adds value to the market and at the same time allows you to learn and understand much faster because they’re teaching and publicizing your experience in real time.

I pledge to create constant content


For a blog to be successful and good results, you need to publish new content constantly. It does not have to be every day, but at least 2 or 3 times a week.

It helps to have more traffic, better SEO positioning, create confidence in the market and grow a subscriber list.

Before you begin, it is important to be aware of the effort and commitment that involves constantly creating and publishing content on a blog.

It may not be as easy at first, but as more write, easier and more fun it becomes. Besides that created the discipline of writing (almost) every day.

Is there growth or loss of interest?

There are issues on which there is always interest people interested. On the other hand, there are also others where there is only a tendency and over time the interest goes down slowly.

Identify possible future trends and recognize when certain issues are down can be an invaluable tool to choose topics and create blogs skill.

Of course we can also find topics where there will always be interest and need for information, especially in the three major and large niches that we saw at the beginning of this guide.

Follow these tips to choose the best topic for your blog that you like and also to have the potential to generate a lot of traffic and revenue.

Once you have chosen the theme of your blog …

Create an avatar of your ideal reader


Who is your ideal reader? What are your main frustrations and motivations? What he does and thinks about his day?

After making market research, create an avatar of your ideal reader.

This refers to a person (you choose your name) that meets all requirements has become the ideal reader and fan of your blog person.

Write all its characteristics and personality traits.

Even invented, it will allow you to be clear about the type of person you want to read your blog, plus each marketing action you do will be much more directed and focused in this avatar, which will allow you to attract readers quality and very more interest in what you offer.

Once you have chosen the theme of your blog, it’s time to take action!

These are the following steps:

  • Choose a domain you go according to your choice. Review: Guide to Choosing a domain and How to Buy a Domain
  • Hire a Web hosting service. Review: What is the best WordPress hosting
  • Install and configure WordPress. Review:  What to do after installing WordPress and Access and
  • Introduction to Desktop WordPress
  • Post your first entry
  • Create a marketing plan and Web traffic. Review: How to create a marketing plan in 10 steps and 16 marketing strategies to more traffic and subscribers .

Now comes the most important part.

Where successful blogs are separated and those who fail. You choose which group to belong?

Content creation, implementation of your marketing plan, creating relationships and all strategic part will determine how successful you get with your blog.

Have a long-term approach. At first there will be almost no traffic or readers, is why the motivation and determination are key.

What are other factors to consider when choosing a topic for a blog? Share your experiences and opinions about it?

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