5 tips to optimize the use of your smartphone

5 tips to optimize the use of your smartphone

Nowadays, the smartphone has become the best friend of man and is even designed to fit their needs and facilitate the achievement of any task. However, sometimes our smartphone lets us down in the most important situations. To avoid such embarrassment, here are some tips to help you optimize your use of your cell phone.

Learning to use a smartphone otherwise

Intelligently using GPS to optimize your smartphone

You are lost and you need a map to find your way. Easy as pie! Just turn on your GPS, make a screenshot and then turn off the GPS. This is called with one stone two birds. You save the battery and at the same time you can locate you on the map.

Download content with Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G

If a download is taking too long, turn both your Wi-Fi and your 3G / 4G. You’ll see, things will go much faster.

Turn on airplane mode to save battery

One sure way to keep your smartphone battery is to activate the flight mode, especially if you feel that the battery will let you soon. You can use your cell phone when you need them. It is also an effective way to recharge its battery faster.

The trouble to do his shopping list

This is a simply brilliant trick which should facilitate the work of many people. Rather than sit back and take time to make a list of your shopping, you can simply photograph the contents of your fridge and your cupboards. By looking closely at the photos, you’ll know right away what you need.

Increase the effectiveness of your alarm clock

We all surely have tried to place our smartphone as far away from us, to force us to get off the bed when the terrible morning alarm sounded. However, there are other means. Simply place your smartphone in a cup to amplify the sound of the alarm. That’s an equally interesting tip.

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