3 Simple Tips to Detect hidden Spy Cameras

3 Simple Tips to Detect hidden Spy Cameras

Today everyone can buy a spy camera on a Chinese website and film you without your knowledge. So if you care about your privacy and spy cameras that are stressing you, here are some simple and practical technique to detect.

From now on wards you will be able to inspect your hotel room, meeting room, rental apartment, cloakroom, shower, etc. You will also be able to inspect your office, your company and your personal privacy in general.

Cameras designed for discreet surveillance are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. However, there are two main ways to detect them: light and radio frequencies.

Detection by radio frequency can be more accurate, but because so many things transmit frequency signals, it is difficult for an average person to use it to find a spy camera, so light is easier for most people.

You should know that special lenses used hidden cameras reflect light. They create small reflections that usually stand out from the background.

Detecting hidden cameras with his Samrtphone

There are several applications on the market that can detect hidden cameras using just your smartphone camera.

For iPhone users, there is the applicationĀ  Hidden Camera Detector . It costs $ 4.99.

For Android users, you can try a free application called Glint Finder . When I tested, the results were just not up to par.

Like the Hidden Camera Detector, Glint Finder uses the flash reflex of the camera to allow the user to better identify shiny objects in the field of view of the camera.

Both applications use the same principle as the tools used by professionals to help search for and find the light emitted from the spy camera. The problem with these applications is that they require you to be close enough to the hidden device.

Search spy camerasĀ  manually

The best way to detect a spy camera is to visually locate. To do this, obtain an empty toilet paper roll and a flashlight.


Turn off the lights. Look with one eye through the tube as through a telescope and close the other eye. While you are exploring with the flashlight be attentive to any glow whose reflection would return to you.

Just as with applications, you must slowly move and examine very closely each area you examine, but you can also do it from a greater distance.

With this method I have found all the spy cameras in my test room.

Using hidden cameras detector

If you want to invest a little money, you can afford the SpyFinder at 80 dollars. It is a small gadget that detects if a camera is near its user. This 11.4 x 3.8 x 1.9 cm camera can detect the cameras in operation by looking through its viewfinder. When a user scans a room by looking through the viewfinder, the cameras reflect the LED lights and appear.

Now you know how to detect a spy camera. It’s your turn to do some testing. And if you find something, notify the authorities. Do not move or disable the spy camera.


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